Corporate Wellness & Health Care Management

Todays hectic pace and bad habits such as: smoking, poor diet, alcohol abuse and stress are some of the major factors contributing that are plaguing our society and work force. These factors cost US Company’s $500 billion annually, this equals out to be $4,000 per employee. There has never been a more appropriate time to turn our attention on Corporate Wellness and Health Care Management.

CorporateWellnessHealth Club Management cares about Corporate Wellness and Health Care Management

Finding the time to stay fit can be difficult. However, eliminating these factors and promoting wellness, will reduce employee medical costs, will help prevent sick days, and investing in your employees is proven to increase morale. The best way to offer this is to offer a safe, comfortable and supportive environment to help employees of all ages and levels of fitness to motivate the employees and support their health and wellness goals. Also, we would assist the Employers in keeping costs down and productivity up.

We help you establish and manage the fitness center, as a key service to your employees and families. We design and customize the fitness center to meet your unique needs of your workforce. Also, to keep your efforts fresh, exciting and to generate memberships, we will design, coordinate and facilitate your center using the themes and topics of your choosing.

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