Antimicrobial Copper

The Nitty Gritty About Your Grip

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 58 million Americans are in a gym two or more times a week in one of the 30,500 gyms and health clubs across the US. Imagine how many hands are gripping the same weight-lifting equipment each day across the country!

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases breaks down the rate of incidence of the common cold in adults for 62,000,000 per year. That means 1 adult per second will come down with the common cold. 1 each second.

The gym is one of the main places where adults spend time. Members walk in with their germs, trekking in many things on their shoes, and then walk from free weights, to machines, to the court. Along comes “Joe” who starts his pre-workout stretch routine on the floor, finishes, then leaps up and grabs a dumbbell. Hello stomach flu!

Keeping it C(u)LEAN® with Copper

CuVerro® is the nation’s leading manufacturer of copper applications, and has joined with Black Iron Strength® and their patented CuLEAN® touch point copper application. The CuLEAN® touch point copper application goes beyond being just an antimicrobial copper. It is a bactericidal as it actually kills the bacteria, and does not just inhibit its growth.

Untreatable infections, including MRSA, are often traced back to a work out facility. Black Iron Strength® took the ancient technology of copper and applied it to free weight equipment. With this patented technology, Black Iron Strength® is the only equipment manufacturer to offer free weight equipment with copper touch points.

CuVerro® bactericidal copper surfaces not only kill bacteria, but are registered with the EPA to make public health claims. You can find out more about products and EPA testing on their website by clicking CuVerro