Corporate Wellness &
Health Care Management

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Corporate Wellness ProgramIt is very common today to find employees experiencing high levels of stress regularly. This is often accompanied by behaviors which may make short term sense, but that will create physical and emotional burdens over time. Things that can become unhealthy habits include eating quick but unhealthy meals, overuse of stimulants like caffeine, regular consumption of alcohol or tobacco can all lead to undesirable health and job performance outcomes. These factors cost companies over $500 billion annually, that’s over $4,000 per employee!

Corporate Wellness and Health Care Management

We are all familiar with the barriers that keep us from doing the things that we know are good for us. Promoting wellness which will not only reduce employee medical costs, decrease sick days, it will also increase morale and employee performance.

The best way to reduce the barriers to these healthier and more productive outcomes is to offer your employees a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Ease of access, efficient and effective design, and professional cost management come together in each one of our projects.

We design and customize fitness centers to meet the unique needs of every work place and every workforce.

Think of it as an incentive for current and future employees, for their families, for the health and well being of your business!