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We provide Fitness Center Consulting

Health Club Management has offered Fitness Center Consulting in the markets of for-profit, non-profit, adventure capitalist, vertical market, community projects and collegiate projects.

  • Park Amenities

  • Medical Facilities

  • Mixed Use Developments

  • Spas

  • Office Buildings

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  • Planned Communities

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  • Fitness Centers

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Resources for Success

Health Club Management is committed to offering our customers the best resources to help them achieve the financial goals of their business.

We offer our services throughout the country, in all four time zones.

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Health Club Management is proud to offer our services throughout the United States, including projects in the following states:



New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina

South Carolina
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Washington DC

Customer Benefits

Customer benefits include access to our extensive, well-trained and experienced management team. We understand and have mastered all of the aspects of operating a Fitness Center or Day Spa, with a focus on producing profits.

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What Our Clients Say

Executive Director

September 2020

Good morning, Lou.

I have been wanting to send you an update on the Saltville, VA location you provided feasibility study for in 2018. I am glad to let you know that after years of hard work and effort I was finally able to encourage the board to proceed with the project. Thank you for your assistance with the study. The information allowed my board to see the overall impact this project has on the community. I wish you the best with everything.

John C
Principal Architect

We appreciate you Lou!

Keith K

I have worked with Lou on several projects over the years and he specializes in turning around fitness facilities and driving impressive profits. 

Operations Manager

Glad to have you guys on our team and helping us get this venture going. 

Jeff T
General Manager

I am super impressed thus far – more so, our families are over the moon with the quality of service provided.

Megan D
Head Swim Coach & Life Guard

I love working for leaders that HELP! You’re awesome and much appreciated! Feeling more relieved!

Brian W.
Fitness Professional

I had the opportunity to work with Lou Quint and his team at Health Club Management on multiple occasions for over a decade. His professionalism and knowledge of the Health & Wellness Industry is unmatched. Not only does Lou uncover the business and delivery issues facing organizations but delivers his findings in combination with real solutions that can be implemented to incite changes immediately.

Every client referral to Lou has been a complete success as he delivers business-saving strategies and execution plans- every time! Whether it's a total reorganization of the business or some basic re-work for programming and axillary revenue streams, Lou and his team deliver quality results every time with the insight and expertise needed. I will continue to recommend Lou and his team for organizations that seek help and for those desiring to grow and impact the industry!

Andra F

Without the data Health Club Management provided all we would have been is just another project with an opinion.

Pat B

This is one reason I respect working for you. Here the Job is over and you been paid, and yet you still making sure it holds up.

Health Club Management, Inc

We are committed to offering our customers the best resources to help them achieve the financial goals of their business.  We offer our services throughout the country, in all four time zones.  Health Club Management Inc. has offered Fitness Center Consulting on the markets of for-profit, non-profit, community projects and collegiate projects. 

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