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Who We Are

Health Club Management provides consulting and operational management services. Our turn-key services will grow your businesses to become the most profitable they can be.

We are a leading national management company for high-end athletic clubs and day spas. We are committed to offering our customers the best resources to help them achieve their financial goals. We work across the country, in all four time zones.

We are proud to have provided fitness center, athletic club and recreation industry consulting services to:

  • For-profit
  • Non-profit
  • Venture capitalist
  • Vertical market
  • Community projects
  • Collegiate projects
  • Club Owners
  • CEO's
  • Administration

Customer Benefits include:

Our extensive and experienced management team who understand all aspects of athletic clubs, fitness center, planning committees, consulting and day spa management.

Our focus is on providing our clients top of the line fitness center consulting and producing profits.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design consultation
  • Pre-opening preparation
  • Daily operations/management
  • Day to day management
  • Quality control of new construction
  • Sales training
  • Classes in budgeting, corporate outreach
  • Management training
  • Front line training of staff


Lou Quint is the well-known founder and president of Health Club Management with over 40 years of experience. He worked for multinational companies in Japan, Mexico, and in the Americas.

He created and ran the 2nd intramural college sports program on the west coast. After completing his Masters in Parks Administration and Business Administration, Mr. Quint has gone on to own and operate over 14 companies, numerous projects and has simultaneously managed over 1,000 employees.

Since forming Health Club Management, Mr. Quint has been involved with projects ranging from sports clubs, multi-unit club companies, residential developers, spa operators, hotels, casinos, business developers and business expansions.

Under Mr. Quint’s direction, Health Club Management has provided services that produce measurable results nationwide. Mr. Quint exudes confidence and instills the “we” not “I” concept in team building. He is a dynamic, educated, experienced and well-respected figure in the leisure and fitness industry.