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Welcome to the Health and Wellness Industry

One of the world’s most noble endeavors!

As people strive to run their own businesses, they deal with the myriad of recurring and one-off decisions facing the health, recreation, fitness business, they are also confronted with the seemingly insurmountable odds of success.

65% of clubs in the US are 5% percent away from breaking even and they will never make it.

Over 8,000 clubs and recreational business a year close their doors. Health Club Management has a track record of success using proven methods and systems that can help you, the business owner, to take positive steps forward.


BusinessTraining in the Club

We make available to you:

  • Operational training and ongoing support
  • Holding tight on startup costs
  • Controlling all costs
  • Vetting vendors
  • Profiles of successful operations
  • Five marketing strategies
  • Budgeting techniques
  • Succeeding with your budget
  • Getting your SBA loan
  • Avoiding bad hires
  • Keeping motived employees
  • Market demographics
  • Career path vs Jobs
  • Health Care and the no easy path to success
  • Powerful employee handbooks
  • Operations manuals
  • Organizational Charting

Health Club Management accepts on average only one of every three groups that inquire!

The size of your project is not what matters! If your goal goes beyond mere profitability and seeks to effectively target their demographic with a healthier and higher quality lifestyle, then we might be a fit. Our goal is to teach you, for you become successful, and to pay it forward.

Health Club Management works with:

  • Progressive Doctor Groups
  • Studios
  • Sports Clubs
  • Developers
  • Club Owners
  • Training Gyms
  • Schools that want to pursue fit students
  • Recreation and Parks Departments
  • City Economic Development Directors
  • Pool Complex Centers
  • Owners
  • Well buildings
  • Startup groups
  • Hospital Based Programs
  • CEOs
  • Medical Centers

The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work, or make it better.

Barbara Pletcher