Health Spa and Resort Management

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The spa and industry continues to be a booming business. The industry generates revenues of over $16 billion U.S. dollars in the last year. Today’s spa management professionals are faced with many opportunities. In the same fashion they are challenged as they strive to keep customers happy therefore maximizing profits.

First, our focus is to optimize the growing market demand in Health Spa and Resort Management.  HMC helps maximize performance by blending service with a bottom-line focus.

Next, HMC provides planning, feasibility assessments, spa consulting, design along with ongoing management. Equally important, we support the overall vision of the property. By the same token this furthermore increases value coupled with profitability. Additionally we accomplish this by creating a consistent guest experience.

It is important to realize that one of the most important things to remember is that happy employees lead to happy customers. Uniquely, spas should always be properly staffed and all staff should be thoroughly trained. Providing employees with continuing education and training helps to improve confidence.

Management Services Include

  • Daily Operational Management
  • Benchmarking and Trends
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Administrative Support
  • Marketing
  • Operating at full capacity
  • Customer Service Training
Spa Room Management

Next, The Day Spas we have designed are recognized as the top Spas in their communities. HMC has designed, built and managed day spas. This includes Massage Therapy, Facials, Pedicures and Manicures, Body Wraps, Hair and more. In addition, HMC enhances amenities, service levels, guests experience, revenue models and operations so that it is maximally efficient.

It is important to realize that HMC understands the complexity of operating independent resorts, and how to integrate sales, marketing and public relations strategies. Certainly this effectively put the resorts on the map and creates market share.

In conclusion, our spa management  brings an experience in managing all aspects of spas. This equally creates a uniquely shared focus on profitability while exceeding the guest experience. Given these points HMC assures success by implementing a proven successful business model.

Getting to Know You

One of our experienced professional representatives will be happy to talk with you about your Spa or Resort. We will then submit a written proposal for your project. This includes all areas to be covered and a firm price quote.