The Forgotten Factor in Clubs


I live in Portland, Oregon and it’s a good place to live. But I often walk by a Pizza Chain Store (with my labs Cooper and Petra) and see the staff sitting outside, on break and shooting the breeze or a semi-truck pull up to un-load product. Today I asked the driver how much SODA he delivered to this one location a month and I quote: “800 to 900” cases of ½ gallon bottles.  A week before I asked the staff if anyone was involved in a district level one lady stepped up and said she was, my question was “any plans for your group (National Brand) to get a healthier menu?” Her answer was short “NO”.

I asked both people if there were concerned about the health effects their products would have on the consumer, both just shrugged. No need to press the point.

I am always amazed by the lack of understanding and lack of passion we have in our industry, yes trends change, yes you have to make money, yes staff is a necessity, but if you are going to lead and you have passion for your business and facility, and know what helps your members, go to another level.

Anyone I have seen talk over the last 4 decades has always included Nutrition. Think today about not only helping your members with physical activity, but nutrition, as a revenue stream and as teaching good habits so they can be set up for life and you can add one more driver to being successful.

While the average American moves every 7.4 years, any victories you give that member today helps with your community outreach and feel good moments tomorrow. While everyone knows training, membership, massage, tennis, pro shop, can be part of your revenue drivers, expand your horizons to Nutrition and help the seventy per cent the Center of Disease Control says is overweight and on its way to being obese.

If you do you, you are doing your business, your staff, your community a favor.

All the best,